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The 2013 Sydney Prize Winners

In 2000, the Bell Shakespeare Company donated a $1,000 prize to establish the Sydney Prize for New Writing. The Sydney Prize has since gone on to award three people with the prize. They are Mrs U. Worsley, Dr M.J. Morrissey, and Dipak & Shanta Hor. Read on to find out more about each one. Also, learn about the history of the Sydney Prize and its founders. There are three categories: shortlisted applicants, the winner, and the runner-up.

Sydney Prize

Sydney Prize was established by a donation of $1,000 from the Bell Shakespeare Company

The Maxwell E. Arthur Prize was established in 1992 by a donation of $21,000 by the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts to honour the late Professor of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney. The prize is given annually to an outstanding student in the Department of English, who has written an outstanding thesis or essay on an aspect of Australian literature. The Maxwell E. Arthur Prize also honors the achievements of Australian authors, including poets and playwrights.

Mrs U. Worsley

The Mrs. U. Worsley prize is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated excellence in Australian Literature. It was founded in 1978 by the NSW Association of Women Graduates. It was established to honor a woman student who has demonstrated the best proficiency in the study of Australian Literature. Mrs. Worsley has won the prize three times. She was also awarded the prize for her work as an English teacher and historian.

Dr M.J Morrissey

Dr M.J. Morrissey, who won the Sydney Prize for medicine in 2011, has been honoured with a $10,000 cash prize and a coveted position as Chairman of the Board of Vera Therapeutics. The award recognizes his dedication to discovering and developing transformative treatments for serious immunological diseases. He has been CEO and President of Exelixis, Inc. since July 2010. He is a prolific author and has authored dozens of books on science, religion, and human nature.

Dr Dipak & Shanta Hor

The Dipak & Shanta Hor Prize is an academic award for students in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney. It is presented on academic merit and equity grounds to an undergraduate student studying one or both Classical languages at the intermediate level. This year, the prize was awarded to Shanta Hor and Dr Dipak Hor, who are both studying Classical languages at the University of Sydney.

Mary Mackay Prize

The Mary Mackay Prize was established in 1957 and is presented to the best master’s or honours thesis in art history. The hongkong prize is valued at $1000 and is awarded to the student with the best thesis. It is sponsored by Kylie Winkworth, Richard and Max Mackay, and will be presented to the student who writes the best thesis. The award is named in honour of Mary Mackay who was a highly accomplished art historian, teacher, collector, and feminist.

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